Are you thinking about earning an MBA? Let HowToMBA be your guide. We want to help you choose the program that’s the best for you. Each school has its own unique benefits and challenges. We have pulled together objective, expert information on the topics that are most important to having a satisfying and profitable MBA experience.

What is an MBA?

Learn about the MBA degree and its history, as well as the role of MBA graduates in modern society.

MBA Programs

One of the most important choices you need to make in regards to an MBA is which type of program you want to enroll in. Do you want to take a Full-Time, Part-Time, or Accelerated program? Or are you looking for an Executive MBA? Do you want to relocate to your desired business school, or enroll in a school with an online MBA program? Our descriptions of the attributes of each type of program will help you make a decision.

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MBA Rankings

A number of publications produce rankings of MBA programs. We go over some of the top rankings: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Financial Times, The Economist and QS, and break down their methodology so you can find a ranking that fits what you really care about. We also go over the rankings for Part-Time and Executive MBA programs.

Finding a Good Fit

There are many aspects of a school that are either hard to quantify or a matter of subjective preference. For example, the location of the school can have a large influence on its culture and industry focus. Similarly class size may impact the connections formed between students and access to resources. It’s also a good idea to learn more about the school’s preferred #teaching methodology so you can choose one that matches up to your style of learning.

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